Episode 11 – Listener Questions about Culture Instruction

Stacey answers a couple of listener questions about teaching culture. 1) Should I teach culture in students’ native language or in the target language? 2) What is the best way to assess students’ knowledge of culture?

Episode 10 – Experiential Learning in Francophone Communities in the US with Brian Barnett

Stacey talks with C. Brian Barnett about his experiential learning course that centers on francophone communities in the U.S. In addition to learning language and culture, students engage in structured reflection to make sense of those experiences and, in the process, become deeply connected to US language communities.

Episode 9 – Performance Assessment in a Fully Online College Spanish Course with Claire Knowles

Stacey talks with Claire Knowles about teaching college Spanish in a fully online, asynchronous format. Claire tells us about how she uses performance assessments instead of tests to assess learning and how she elicits feedback and reflection from students in every unit.

Episode 8 – Building Classroom Practices and Intercultural Competence in Early Language Learning with Dorie Conlon Perugini

Stacey talks with Dorie Conlon Perugini about the opportunities she’s had to develop her own practice, to share classroom practices with others, and to support early language learners as they develop intercultural competence. We also get to learn about her forthcoming book co-edited/co-written with two of my favorite authors, Manuela Wagner and Michael Byram.

Episode 7 – Evolving as a Teacher and Helping Students Become Lifelong Learners with Qinqin Zan

Junyue Wang interview her former EFL teacher, Qinqin Zan, about what excellent language teaching looks like. They discuss how Ms. Zan’s goals for her students have changed over the years and the importance of inspiring students to be lifelong language learners.

Episode 6 – Integrating Culture and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in the US with Kaishan Kong

Stacey talks with Kaishan Kong about what excellent language teaching loo

ks like, how to integrate language and culture instruction, and teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the United States.

Episode 5 – Researching, Writing, and Communicating Pedagogy with Vivian Finch and Jessica Greenfield

Stacey talks with Jessica Greenfield and Vivian Finch about the process they undertake when they research and write about pedagogy.

Episode 4 – Focus on Process, Not Product and Thinking Maps with Dana Yang

Yue Wu interviews Dana Yang about how her approach to teaching Chinese at an international school has changed over the years. Dana and Yue also discuss the benefits of using thinking maps in many common language learning tasks.

Episode 3 – The ACTFL Community Boards, a Methods Course, and Professional Development

Stacey talks about a recent thread on the ACTFL online community boards and her approach to selecting readings for her language teaching methods course. She also shares some free online resources for professional development for language teachers.

Episode 2 – Insights on teaching and researching K-12 English language learners with Emily Galloway

Nikki Wei talks with Emily Galloway about the classroom practices and research that can improve learning for ELLs in a K-12 setting. Stacey wraps up the episode by drawing some connections between second and foreign language teaching.

Episode 1 – Service learning and language course development with Berta Carrasco

Stacey talks with Berta Carrasco about developing a service-learning Spanish course for the health professions and discusses a few resources on service-learning course design, evaluation, and learning outcomes.

Episode 0 – By way of introduction…

This episode is an introduction to the goals and motivations for this podcast, and an invitation for listeners to get involved.