In episode 143, Stacey invites Regina O’Neal, a secondary Spanish teacher and department head, to share her award winning presentation from MFLA, NECTFL, and ACTFL. Regina discusses concrete ways she highlights Black culture and communities in her Spanish classroom by connecting with other content areas and community resources, by discussing aesthetic beauty, and by guiding students to appreciate Black art and literature.



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Show Notes

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Regina O’Neal teaches at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute in Baltimore,
Maryland. She has taught for over 20 years at all levels of Spanish and serves as the World Language Department Chair. Not only that, but she is also married and the mother of seven children! Regina is passionate about language learning and helping students along their journey of become bilingual people.

You can find Regina online at or reach out on Twitter @LaProfeHermosa or by email

Resources mentioned in the episode…

…Regina has made her presentation and accompanying materials freely available in a Google drive folder.

…two of the many resources Regina mentioned were  and  (others can be found in her presentation materials above)

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