We Teach Languages Episode 133: Organizing our Instruction and the Experiential Learning Cycle

In ep 133, Stacey presents several approaches to organizing our instruction in order to help give shape to our lesson, enable more efficient decision-making by the instructor, and ensure that students get everything they need out of a lesson. Stacey first references lesson organization by Lance Piantaggini, Meredith White, and Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell, then goes on to explore in depth the experiential learning cycle and its applications in the language classroom. Stacey shows that many useful methods and techniques are already aligned with an inductive, experiential approach including the PACE model for teaching grammar, the IMAGE model for teaching culture, TBLT (task-based language teaching), and multiliteracies pedagogy.. 

For links and show notes, visit https://wp.me/p88mlO-62O

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