In episode 142, Dorie Conlon Perugini interviews Dr. Jonathan Rosa about his work exploring race, language, and education. Jonathan discusses what sorts of language practices are deemed legitimate in educational contexts, and how language teachers participate in institutions that are not serving multilingual students. In this episode, listeners will find new ways of thinking about language education and students’ language and literacy practices.




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Show Notes

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Dr. Jonathan Rosa is Assistant Professor of Education, Anthropology, Linguistics, and Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies in the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. His work analyzes the interplay between youth socialization, raciolinguistic formations, and structural inequity in urban contexts. He collaborates with local communities to track these phenomena and develop tools for understanding and eradicating the forms of disparity to which they correspond. This community-based approach to research, teaching, and service reflects a vision of scholarship as a platform for imagining and enacting more just societies. If you want to connect with Jonathan, you can find him on Twitter @DrJonathanRosa.


Resources mentioned in the episode…

Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies: Teaching and Learning for Justice in a Changing World, Edited By: Django Paris, H. Samy Alim

Looking like a Language, Sounding like a Race: Raciolinguistic Ideologies and the Learning of Latinidad, by Jonathan Rosa

Bringing Race into Second Language Acquisition by Jonathan Rosa and Nelson Flores, article in the Modern Language Journal


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