In episode 80, Stacey shares takeaways and reflections on the conference experience from seven different language teachers at ACTFL in New Orleans. Even if you couldn’t be there in person, we hope you’ll benefit from our reports. If you have something you want to share, send it to us by email, voicemail, or social media and we’ll include it in our upcoming newsletter!

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Show Notes

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Only one of the seven guests on today’s episode has been on the podcast before, and that’s Rebecca Blouwolff (@MmeBlouwolff on Twitter) whom you might remember from episode 47. Our other guests are Meredith White (@PRHSspanish on Twitter), Paul Jennemann (@profepj on Twitter), Kelly Ferguson (@kelferg on Twitter), Yunxia Wang, Julia Dary, Jordan Lucas.

Guests on this episode mentioned sessions and resources by…

…Bill VanPatten’s book While We’re on the Topic

…A session by incoming ACTFL president Lisa Lilly Ritter (@sralil on Twitter)

…A session by Annabelle Allen, La Maestra Loca, on brain breaks (@laMaestraLoca on Twitter)


Other resources from WTL contributors about conferences reflections that you may want to check out…

…Thomas Sauer’s (ep 67 and 79) blog post “Continuing your Conference Path

… Noah Geisel’s (ep 13) medium post with takeaways and reflections from ACTFL 2018.

…Martina Bex’s (ep 56) blog post about her three takeaways from ACTFL


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