In episode 147, Greta Lundgaard moderates a panel discussion with experienced language teachers Henny Chen, Catherine Ousselin, Carmen Scoggins, and Thomas Soth as part of the monthly virtual teacher panel from the NFLC (National Foreign Language Center). Each month, this series gathers a different group of experienced teachers via video conference to discuss a domain of the TELL (Teaching Effectiveness for Language Learning) framework. The panel considers questions including: How do we build up a feeling of trust and respect? What sequence of learning activities and learning targets is most effective in online and socially distanced face-to-face classroom? How do you decide what parts of the curriculum to focus on and which to let go?


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Show Notes

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Henny is a World Language Teacher at Moreau Catholic High School and an adjunct instructor at Chabot College. She teaches all levels, from beginning all the way to AP Chinese. At her high school, she offers 5 level Chinese classes, and Henny teaches all levels as the only Chinese teacher at both schools. Since 2009, she has designed and developed online training courses for Mandarin Chinese language teachers at different levels. More than 500 teachers from 47 countries have joined the online training courses. Starting from 2011, Henny has designed, presented, and facilitated more than 100 online webinars for K-16 Chinese language teachers around the world. Participants in 35 cities from the U.S, along with 22 other countries, joined the webinars and have advanced their teaching skills with her help. You can reach out to Henny by email or on Twitter @guaibao.


Catherine Ousselin holds an M.A. in French and currently teaches French II-AP at Mount Vernon High School in Washington State. She is the president elect of PNCFL, the past president of WAFLT and a member of ACTFL, IALLT, and ISTE.  She serves as the Region IX AATF representative and the AATF social media manager/resource curator. Catherine is an avid blogger and frequent workshop presenter on World Language curriculum development and technology integration. Catherine was a finalist for ACTFL’s 2018 “Teacher of the Year. You can reach out to her on her website or on Twitter @catherineku72.


Carmen Scoggins teaches Spanish and Watauga High School in Boone, North Carolina where she is also an adjunct foreign language methodology instructor at Appalachian State and is a National Board Certified teacher. Carmen is an active member of ACTFL, SCOLT, and FLANC. In 2007 Carmen was FLANC’s Teacher of the Year and in 2008 she received the SCOLT Teacher of the Year honor. Carmen has presented at the state, regional, and national levels on integrating technology into the language classroom, personalizing the language-learning experience, and building student relationships. You can reach out to Carmen by email, on Twitter @carmenscoggins, or on her website.


Thomas Soth is a National Board Certified Teacher who has taught AP Spanish Language since 2001 in North Carolina and is currently teaching Spanish 4, AP Spanish Language and Culture, and AP Spanish Literature and Culture at Chapel Hill High School where students come from either a dual language program or a traditional program that offers two years in middle school. Thomas is a former president of the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina (FLANC) and of the Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT), and the 2012 SCOLT Teacher of the Year.


If you would like to watch the original video broadcast of this panel discussion, you can find it on YouTube.


If you want to cite this episode, our suggested APA reference is:

Lundgaard, G. (Interviewer), Johnson, S.M. (Producer). (2021, March 12). NFLC Panel on the TELL Environment Domain with Marta Silva, Georges Chawan, Natalie Stamper, and Liz Matchett (No. 147) [Audio podcast episode]. We Teach Languages.



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