In episode 127, Stacey and Dr. Rhoda Núñez-Donnelly met up after #ACTFL19 to discuss some of their takeaways and thoughts from a particularly meaningful session. Rhoda is a resource teacher in her school system and also shares with listeners her best advice on reaching reluctant learners in our classrooms.


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Show Notes

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Dr. Rhoda Núñez-Donnelly has been working throughout her career to deconstruct deficit paradigms in the classroom, to advocate for communicative and inclusive language learning, and to share insights into how to provide equitable access to all world language students in public schools. If you want to reach out to Rhoda, you can contact her on Twitter @DonnellyNunez or by email


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Johnson, S.M. (Producer/Interviewer). (2019). We Teach Languages Episode 127: Diverse Images of Spanish-Speakers and Reaching “Reluctant” Learners with Rhoda Nunez-Donnelly [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from


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