In episode 107, Stacey discusses the terminology we use to describe the languages we teach. Terms like foreign, world, second, modern, community, classical, and others all came up in a recent poll we ran on Twitter. Stacey discusses the results of that poll, shares insights from past guests Amy Andersen, Mandy Manning, and Ellen Toubman. Then we hear from Dr. Shannon Mason about her research on how the media discusses language education in Australia.

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Show Notes

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Dr. Shannon Mason is an early career researcher in the faculty of Education at Nagasaki University. She spent more than 10 years teaching Japanese in schools in Australia and now researches language teacher career attrition and retention, language program conditions, and representation of language education in the media. You can also follow her on Twitter @Shan_MasonYou can find more of her research on ResearchGate and please check out this blog post she wrote about the term LOTE (langauges other than English).

Previous episodes mentioned in this episode…

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Resources mentioned in this episode…

definition of the term heritage languages

…One of my favorite resources on community language resources Community language resources: A handbook for teachers by Menacker

more info on community languages (and the origin of the term)

…an article from the TESOL perspective on the difference between the terms foreign and second

…Bill VanPatten did a whole episode of Talkin L2 on the term foreign and why he thinks it should be eliminated. Check out episode 9 here.  (I take a different perspective than him on this topic, but it’s an interesting listen. One thing that Bill says about the term world is that he doesn’t use it because it has a technical definition different from common use. That is also true about foreign which you can hear me discuss in the episode or read about in the previous link.)

…And check out this info Inga shared about the definition of “world” language


A vote for WORLD language…

A vote for COMMUNITY…

A vote against FOREIGN…

Some votes against SECOND…

A vote against LOTE…

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