In episode 72, Carolyn Siegel interviews Elena Morgan and Rachel Frenkil about the content-based approach that they have taken in their upper-level Spanish IV course. In this course that they developed, they weave advanced language study together with the history of Latin America, political theory, and Jewish identity to create a learning experience that is educationally rich and also personally meaningful for their students.



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Show Notes

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Carolyn Siegel is a volunteer contributor to We Teach Languages. You can reach out to her on Twitter @carolynrsiegel or by email.

Elena Morgan has been teaching for 40 years and wants her students to develop linguistic tools to speak about politics, history, and ideologies. You can reach out to Elena by email.

Rachel Frenkil has been teaching for six years, and her main goal is that students learn about parts of history that are not addressed in other classes and then use that knowledge to deepen their understanding of the world. You can contact Rachel on Twitter @srtafrenkil or by email.

For those listeners in the Boston area, keep in mind this upcoming opportunity: 

In November, Gann Academy and the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute’s Latin American Jewish & Gender Studies (LAJGS) will partner with JCC Greater Boston to bring A Latin American Pen, A Global Memory: Imagining Anne Frank Today, Thursday, November 1, 7:30 p.m., LSJCC, 333 Nahanton Street, Newton. The event will feature a dramatic reading of Chilean author Marjorie Agosin’s Anne: Imaging the Diary of Anne Frank, accompanied by a multimedia art presentation and a panel discussion about the relevance of Anne Frank in Latin America today. The panel includes Dalia Wassner, Marjorie Agosín, Francisca Yanez, Nisha Sajnani, and Sandra Mayo. Click here to purchase tickets: students/free; general public/$18.  


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6 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 72: One Approach to a Content-Based, Upper-Level Course with Elena Morgan and Rachel Frenkil

  1. Thanks a lot for this podcast. I´m Argentinian and it was a lovely surprise to hear an Argentinian colleague is doing such a great job .

  2. This episode got me excited for a number of reasons: it’s local to my context (Boston!), it’s about a community who’s rarely mentioned in language-learning Twitter talk (Jewish day schools), and it’s about students making authentic connections between L2 text and their personal family histories. Yasher koach, Carolyn & Rachel!

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