In episode 97, Stacey interviews Valerie Shull about the early language program she leads at a Montessori school. Valerie talks about her approach and describes specific strategies that she uses to promote proficiency among her 4th-8th grade students.


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Show Notes

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Valerie teaches elementary and middle school Spanish in an independent Montessori school in Chicago-She organizes and leads an 8th grade trip to Costa Rica each year, which has grown into an exchange with a K-12 partner school in San Jose, Costa Rica–and her effort has been recognized by the ACTFL Global Engagement Initiative. Valerie is part of the #earlylang chat moderator team and her school is hosting this summer’s NNELL Summer Institute in June! You can find her on twitter @windycitysenora and on her blog

Check out Valerie’s post on Choice and Independence that gives more detail about the readings and strategies that she talked about in this interview:


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