In episode 134, Stacey interviews Professor Jesse Scheumann about how he teaches Biblical Hebrew. Despite preconceptions about what it is like to learn a Biblical language, Jesse’s classroom has no desks or grammar textbook and also involves movement, stories, and other techniques from communicative language teaching approaches. By the end of their first year of Hebrew, Jesse’s students are reading the book of Jonah from cover to cover in the original Hebrew Bible.

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Show Notes

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Dr. Jesse Scheumann is Assistant Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies at Sattler College. Jesse has published some of his instructional materials. He is co-author of Jonah: An Illustrated Hebrew Reader’s Edition (GlossaHouse, 2019) and According to Their Kinds: A Biblical Hebrew Picture Dictionary (GlossaHouse, 2019).

Stacey first learned about Jesse’s classes when she accidentally stumbled across this blog post about his classes.

You can reach out to Jesse by email.

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