In episode 114, Maris Hawkins interviews her former colleague and friend, Kristin Kvasnyuk about teaching in a blended format using tools like EdPuzzle and ActivelyLearn. They also talk about Kristin’s success with student inquiry projects based on student interests.

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Show Notes

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Maris Hawkins is a lower and middle school Spanish teacher and has been a contributor to the We Teach Languages Podcast since December 2017. You can get in touch with Maris on Twitter @marishawkins or on her website

Kritisn Kvasnyuk is a middle school Latin teacher who has been teaching novice students for over 10 years. You can reach out to Kristin by email or find her on Twitter @mrskvasnyuk.

Kristin generously offered to share many of her resources for student inquiry projects! You can find those here: WTL – Kristin Kvasnyuk’s Student Inquiry Project Documents


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