In episode 69, Stacey interviews Leslie Grahn about how to engage learners in the language classroom with a focus on her 2017 book co-authored with Dave McAlpine called The Keys to Strategies for Language Instruction. Do you want to learn how to increase student learning and confidence in your classroom? Listen to this episode and then enter to win Leslie’s book or a seat to her VLM (Virtual Learning Module) through ACTFL!

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Show Notes

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Many of you might know Leslie as a prolific professional developer. She has 27 years experience as a language teacher and 12 years in her district’s central office. Or you might know Leslie through ACTFL, NECTFL, or the Maryland state language organization. Leslie retired a year ago but has been busy in that year conducting professional development and publishing her book! You can find her online to reach out to ask questions or to get ideas…

…on the web: and

…on Twitter: @grahnforlang

…on Pinterest: grahnforlang

Check out Leslie’s book The Keys to Strategies for Language Instruction and her ACTFL VLM (Virtual Learning Module) called Engaging All Learners. (Both of which are part of this month’s giveaway!)

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6 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 69: Engaging all Learners with Leslie Grahn

  1. This episode came at exactly the right time for me (apart from me listening while on the treadmill haha). I’ve always been under the impression that strategies work no matter what and I’m realizing that just isn’t always the case. Leslie mentions that your students dictate the strategies you use- not what a methods professor claims will always work. We know our students better than anyone else so having that “tool kit” of ideas and using what you need when you need it is huge.

    1. Thanks, Mike! So grateful to you for posting your takeaway! I’ve entered you for the giveaway, but I am not sure how to contact you if you win. Can you shoot me an email with your email address or Twitter handle? Thanks so much!

  2. It was a great, and very helpful podcast. I am working on changing the way that I approach my students in class and creating center so the students can be more independent.

    Thank you Leslie.

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