In episode 101, Thomas Sauer sits down with teachers from North County High School’s World and Classical Languages Department including department chair and German teacher Katrina Griffin, German and Spanish teacher Cora Hoffstetter, and Spanish teachers Nea Baker, Jennifer Howard, Will Klotz, Cassie Krawczyk, and Mallory Newcomer. The group discusses how they develop instruction collaboratively–even across languages–and  how organizational factors ensure success. This episode gives listeners a peek into a collegial, collaborative department that offers success and stability for students and teachers alike.


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Show Notes

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Katrina Griffin is the department chair as well as the ACTFL 2017 Teacher of the Year, an ACTFL Board Member, and a World Language Consultant. You can reach out to Katrina on Twitter @thekatrinagriff, by email, or on her website.

Cora Hofstetter has taught at North County High School since 2011. The German
program was named an AATG German Center of Excellence, and she received the German Embassy Teacher of Excellence Award in 2015. You can reach out to Cora on Twitter @CoraHofstetter or by email.

Resources related to this episode…

…What are essential questions? Here is the seminal book on the topic by McTighe and Wiggins

…How did the department set their norms? Here is the resource they used.

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