In episode 136, Dorie Conlon Perugini interviews Dr. Uju Anya on a range of topics related to the experiences of African-American language learners both in classrooms and in study abroad contexts. The two scholars discuss Uju’s award-winning book, bias and inclusion in the language classroom, and why the concept of investment is more useful than motivation for analyzing student engagement.

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Show Notes

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Dr. Uju Anya is Assistant Professor of Second Language Education in the College of Education of The Pennsylvania State University. Uju began her career as a college Spanish and Portuguese language lecturer, and is now a language teacher trainer and supervisor of
doctoral students doing language teaching/learning research. You an reach out to Uju on Twitter @UjuAnya or by email

Dorie Conlon Perugini is an elementary Spanish teacher at Glastonbury Public Schools and a Doctoral Student at the University of Connecticut. You can find her on Twitter @doriecp or on her blog or her facebook group centered on intercultural competence.


Check out these resources mentioned on this episode…

…Here is Uju’s award-winning book

…Uju co-authored this piece called Diversifying Language Educators and Learners with previous podcast guest, Dr. L.J. Randolph! It’s a must-read!

…Want to learn more about Norton’s concept of investment? Check out this Norton & De Costa article that explores identity and investment.

…And for more on African-American students in World Language Classrooms, here is another piece written by Uju and published in the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics


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