In episode 125, Melanie Forehand interviews Dr. Peter Ecke, Professor of Second Language Acquisition and German at the University of Arizona. Peter has published extensively on many topics in second language acquisition and language education, including study abroad. They discuss the benefits and challenges of short-term study abroad and resources for getting started with study abroad research.


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Show Notes

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You can learn more about Dr. Peter Ecke on his faculty page or reach out to him at Many of his articles are available here.



You can learn more about interviewer Melanie Forehand or reach out to her on her departmental webpage or on her website.


Resources related to this episode…

Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad

Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education

The Open Doors report with recent data on international education

…Peter’s article with advice for new program directors

Some of Dr. Peter Ecke’s publications on study abroad…

…Designing and running a short-term study abroad program in Germany: Guidance for new program directors

…The Effects of Study Abroad in the German-Speaking World: A Research Review

…Student Expectations, Motivations, Target Language Use, and Perceived Learning Progress in a Summer Study Abroad Program in Germany


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