In episode 112, Stacey talks with Gianfranco Conti in the second part of a two-part interview. Gianfranco discusses how anxiety and failure affect language learning, and goes into more detail about his system for organizing a listening lesson. Part I of this interview can be found here.


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Show Notes

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Dr. Gianfranco Conti is a well-known teacher, speaker, teacher trainer, blogger, and book author. You can read his wonderful analyses of applied linguistics research on his blog, The Language Gym, along with his ideas for classroom application. You can also follow Gianfranco on Twitter @gianfrancocont9 or join the Facebook group he founded Global Innovative Language Teachers.


You can pick up Gianfranco’s new book co-authored with Steve Smith, Breaking the Sound Barrier: Teaching Language Learners How to Listen, on Amazon.

Gianfranco mentioned that I wrote a guest post for his blog. You can find that here.

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