In episode 64, Stacey continues with a three-part series on the Seal of Biliteracy in the US with Melanie Thomas and Pat DiPillo. Melanie and Pat decsribe how their own districts navigated the early stages of implementing the Seal and offer resources and advice.

Also see episodes 62 and 63 for more on the Seal of Biliteracy.

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Show Notes

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Melanie Thomas received her MATL (Master of Arts in Teaching Language) from the University of Southern Mississippi where she studied SLA (second language acquisition) and became a firm believer in a communicative classroom.  She received her National Board Certification in 2006 based on evidence of teaching that used SLA principles as a firm foundation.  She successfully renewed that certification in 2016 where she relied on ACTFL’s revised Proficiency Guidelines in providing feedback to students in order to help students grow in their proficiency path. You can find Melanie on Twitter @senoraMThomas, on her blog, or by email here.

Pat DiPillo is a department chair in Falmouth, MA which is on Cape Cod. She is also a Fulbright Scholar, NBPTS Assesor, MaFLA Board of Directors, and an NCATE Reviewer, a position in which she can help ensure teacher are candidates prepared in proficiency methodology. You can reach Pat by email here.

Check out more info on the Seal of Biliteracy here!

If you want to know more about proficiency and performance (mentioned by Melanie)…
…Check out ACTFL’s performance descriptors and accompanying materials

…Or listen to episode 23 with Paul Sandrock for a great, concise description of the topic!

ACTFL’s Core Practices (mentioned by Pat, but this great post is by World Language Classroom).

MaFLA resources including the proficiency academy! (mentioned by Pat)


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