In episode 70, Stacey shares advice for new teachers from Albert Fernandez, Bill Denham, and Ying Jin. Taking a cue from the last few minutes of episode 69 with Leslie Grahn, we get a few more perspectives for new language teachers. After you listen, reach out to us and tell us YOUR best advice for new language teachers!

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Show Notes

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Albert Fernandez can be found on his website or on Twitter @Mr_Fernie

Bill Denham is on Twitter @SrDenham

Ying Jin is @YingJin on Twitter

We started talking about advice for new teachers at the end of Episode 69: Engaging all Learners with Leslie Grahn, so check that out!

If you are interested in learning more about games in the language classroom or going deskless, I am going to recommend you check out the podcast called Inspired Proficiency by Ashley Uyaguari. She talks about games in nearly every episode and did one episode on going deskless.

If you are interested in storytelling, check out Episode 52: Story Listening and Efficient Acquisition with Beniko Mason and Episode 56: How to Write Comprehensible Texts with Martina Bex for two different takes on storytelling in the language classroom. There are lots of ways to effectively use stories in the language classroom, but these two episodes have some great examples of specific methods.


And for my bit of advice that I borrowed from Walter Hopkins, check out Episode 32: Reflective, Principled, Proficiency-Oriented Teaching with Walter Hopkins

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