In episode 149, Stacey and Maris share one interview from their live podcast recording this past summer with the Virtual Summit hosted by PEARLL. In this episode, we learn from Trudy Anderson, middle school Spanish teacher and current NECTFL Teacher of the Year, who talks about how she fosters community engagement and experiences in her school and community. Trudy also talks about how team work makes local community engagement possible!


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Show Notes

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Mrs. Trudy Anderson has been middle school Spanish teacher in the New Haven Public Schools for 30 years. She is excited to introduce her students to Spanish and encourages them to visualize how being proficient in a second language can open new avenues for success. She believes it is important to help students be curious about other cultures and perspectives and is known for creating “stations” as a way to ensure differentiation and student engagement while balancing skills and activities. Trudy collaborates well with colleagues and enjoys seeing new teachers hone and improve their craft. She has been a Yale New Haven Teachers Institute Fellow, curriculum writer, coach, and a regular presenter at conferences. She was the 2021 CT COLT Teacher of the Year and the NECTFL 2022 Teacher of the year. You can reach out to Trudy on Twitter @trudyaanderson or by email.


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