The We Teach Languages team includes not only the core group of volunteers, but also all of the guests and contributors who add their voices to the podcasts. Our work includes:

The Podcast

Every Friday, we release a new episode of the podcast. Sometimes Stacey interviews the guests, but often people submit interviews for the podcast. Interested in interviewing someone you know for the podcast? Learn more here.

Midweek News & Updates

On Wednesdays, the Midweek News & Updates comes out. This weekly newsletter gives listeners a preview of the next episode, a look back at the previous episode, and updates on what our past guests and contributors have been up to. The newsletter is put together by Maris Hawkins, our volunteer newsletter coordinator, and Stacey Margarita Johnson, the producer of We Teach Languages.

Episode Guides and Professional Development Resources

With the addition of our newest volunteer, Carolyn Siegel, we have started releasing professional development materials every Thursday. The idea is to provide supplementary materials for the episodes to help teachers get the most out of the podcast. If you are interested in helping with this project or have a great idea for a resource, get in touch!

Transcripts and Bonus Content

All the episodes have show notes with resources and links, but a few of of episodes also have full transcripts available and others have bonus content. We have plans to add transcripts to every episode! (We’ll let you know when that becomes a reality!)