In episode 43, Stacey asks Ryuko Kubota, a professor of language and literacy education at the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada, about a recent publication in which she explores ten common misconceptions in English language teaching (ELT). Ryuko talks about several of those misconceptions, including how beliefs about native speakers, whiteness, and legitimate forms of language contribute to the general public’s understanding of who is a good language teacher. Although this interview centers on ELT, teachers of all languages will find points of relevance to their own work.




Show Notes

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You can find Professor Ryuko Kubota at her faculty page.

The article we discussed in this episode…

…Kubota, R. (2016). A Critical Examination of Common Beliefs about Language Teaching:  From Research Insights to Professional Engagement. Epoch making in English language teaching and learning (pp. 348-365). Taipei: English Teachers’ Association-Republic of China (ETA-ROC). (available on

Resources to dive a bit deeper into the topics discussed here…

…Kubota, R. (2013). “Language is only a tool’”: Japanese expatriates working in China and implications for language teaching. Multilingual Education, 3(4). Available from

…Kubota, R. (in press). Unpacking research/practice gaps and complicities in WE and SLA research. World Englishes.

…Stanley, P. (2013). A critical ethnography of ‘Westerners’ teaching English in China: Shanghaied in Shanghai. New York, NY: Routledge.

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The first episode in our series on critical pedagogy and social justice was episode 42 with Daniel Woolsey.

And please check out the 2018 special issue of Dimension, SCOLT‘s peer-reviewed annual journal, available now online and open-access.

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