In episode 120, Margaret Kelly interviews Dr. Katie Angus about her dissertation research on graduate teaching assistant (TA) development and her own approach to supporting TA instructors at the college level.


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Show Notes

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Dr. Katie Angus is an Assistant Professor of French and Second Language Acquisition in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Southern Mississippi. Her PhD is from the University of Arizona’s Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) Interdisciplinary program in Second Language Pedagogy and Program Administration.

If your interest in her research was piqued by this episode…

…you can access her full dissertation here.

…check out this 2017 article: Angus, K. B. (2017). Learning “About” and Learning “Through” Technology: An Analysis of Syllabi from Foreign Language Teaching Methods Courses. CALICO Journal, 34(3).

…and this one: Angus, K. B. (2016). Saying vs. Doing: A Contradiction in the Professional Development of Foreign Language Teaching Assistants. Foreign Language Annals, 49(4), 819-835.


Margaret Kelly obtained her undergraduate degree in Romance Languages (Spanish and French) from the University of Georgia in 2013. After living and working in Paris, France for a year, she moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where she worked as a Teaching Assistant and received a Masters of Arts in the Teaching Languages with a triple emphasis in Spanish, French, and TESOL from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2017. She is currently a graduate teaching assistant and PhD student at Vanderbilt University.


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…I LOVE this episode of Cult of Pedagogy. It’s a list of alternative ways to do professional development rather than the more traditional sit-and-get model. If you work with TAs, you might consider building some of these strategies into your own methods course or other interactions.


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