In episode 89, Claire Knowles continues her conversation with Errol O’Neill about Google Translate. In this part II, Claire and Errol discuss what student training on Google Translate might look like, what features teachers should become familiar with, and how to communicate about the tool with students.

This week’s episode is part II of the interview. In part I last week, Claire and Errol discuss online translators and what the research says about their use.


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Show Notes

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Claire Knowles is an online Spanish instructor primarily at Harrisburg Area Community College. She wrote her dissertation on online machine translation in the language classroom, and that dissertation won the 2017 ACTFL-NFMLTA/MLJ Emma Marie Birkmaier Award for Doctoral Dissertation Research in Foreign Language Education. Claire was previously a guest on the podcast Episode 9: Performance Assessment in a Fully Online College Spanish Course with Claire Knowles. You can contact Claire on Twitter @clairelknowles.

Errol O’Neill is an Assistant Professor of French at the University of Memphis and researches the use of online translators in the language classroom. He has published several papers on the topic which you can find on his website If you want to reach out to Errol, contact him via Twitter @errolmoneill or by email via the contact form on his website.

This link ( ) contains an adapted version of the training Errol used in his study, as well as a copy of the ACTFL presentation he gave in 2018. People are welcome to use the training as-is or to make a copy of it to customize it for their classes or institution if they’d like. The training is organized according to the following five principles: 1) Introduction to the tool; 2) Demonstration of how the tool works; 3) Testing of the tool through examples; 4) Review of the tool’s strengths and weaknesses; 5) Explanation of instructor’s policy on the tool.


Resources mentioned in this episode…

…recent Foreign Language Annals article by Ducar and Schocket

…Claire and Errol referred to a study conducted by Clifford, Mornyei (2013). If you would like to know more, you can find a related presentation here, a Language Educator article here, and the paper here.



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