In episode 102, Stacey talks with professor, researcher, and textbook author Michael Leeser about how he views language and language teaching, how he approaches the Methods course, and the roles of input and output in language learning. Michael also discusses the approach he takes in the two college-level Spanish textbooks he co-authored.


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Show Notes

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Dr. Michael Leeser is Associate Professor of Spanish, Director of the Spanish Language Program (1000 and 2000-level courses), and the Graduate Advisor for Spanish. He specializes in second language acquisition and bilingualism and regularly teaches graduate courses in these areas. In his free time, he is an avid swimmer and cyclist. You can reach out to him by email.

Resources related to this episode…

…Ray Jackendoff’s book Foundations of Language

…If you want to know more about voiced alveolar fricatives, you can start by learning about the International Phonetic Alphabet (usually abbreviate as IPA, not to be confused with IPA or IPA)

…Check out Michael’s two textbooks co-authored with Bill VanPatten and Gregory Keating: Sol y viento and Asi lo veo.

…If you want to hear more about digital textbooks from Bill VanPatten, check out the interview Stacey did with Bill back in 2016 for the podcast Leading Lines.



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