In episode 95, Stacey interviews Becky Peterson and Kelly Scheetz from TFLTA, Maris interviews Luis Deocares from GWATFL, and we revisit a few past guests as well. Learn more about how local professional organizations are providing affordable professional development, engaging in advocacy work, and shaping the ACTFL teacher of the year program.

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Show Notes

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…Find your local organization using ACTFL’s list of member organizations or TESOL’s list of affiliates

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Episode 13: Teacher of the Year, Culture, and Technology with Noah Geisel

…Episode 48: Welcoming and Advocating for New Arrivals with Lesley Cioccarelli



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3 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 95: Local Professional Organizations with Becky Peterson, Kelly Scheetz, and Luis Deocares

  1. Thanks Stacey. That was very interesting. As you know, I’m a keen advocate for teachers not only joining, but being actively involved in their local (state and national) professional association. I remember hearing that story that Noah Geisel relates, when a new teacher was asked at a conference registration desk if she was a member of the association, and she said “No.” He then asked “Are you a professional teacher? … Well, professional teachers are members of their professional [associations].” And that’s so true! I think that was when I started following your podcast.

  2. Thank you for highlighting Becky Peterson! I am thrilled to hear such a thoughtful and kind educator on the podcast. TFLTA 2019 is going to be excellent!!

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