In episode 83, Stacey interviews Dr. Maria Carreira about teaching heritage language learners. Maria shares a few of the resources available through the National Heritage Language Resource Center and talks about some of the ways teachers can implement research-based practices with heritage language learners. The topics of discussion include project-based learning, differentiated instruction, program design, assessment, placement, identity, and more related to heritage learners.


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Show Notes

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Dr. Maria Carreira is co-director of the National Heritage Language Resource Center at UCLA and Professor of Spanish at California State University, Long Beach. Her research focuses on heritage languages, particularly teaching and learning, as well as Spanish in the U.S. and Latino educational issues. She is co-author of 5 college-level Spanish textbooks as well as Voces: Latino Youth on Life in the United States, with focuses on the experiences of Latino children in U.S. schools and how the Spanish language and home culture can be an academic and social asset. In 2018, she also co-edited The Routledge Handbook of Heritage Language Education: From Innovation to Program Building, which looks at how HL education is developing in many different countries.You can reach out to Maria by email.


Some resources related to this episode…

…Check out the National Heritage Language Resource Center website for many of the resources Maria mentioned

…the Heritage Language Journal where you can find research on heritage learners

…a FREE online workshop for heritage teachers that Maria mentioned in the interview

proficiency assessment tools


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