In episode 100, Maris Hawkins takes the lead to talk to listeners about episodes of the podcast that have been particularly meaningful for them. We’re so excited to celebrate this milestone with everyone!

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Show Notes

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Episodes mentioned in this episode…

Episode 13: Teacher of the Year, Culture, and Technology with Noah Geisel (mentioned by Maris @marishawkins)

Episode 92: Meta-Reflection, Assessment, and ePortfolios with Elena Mangione-Lora (mentioned by Maris @marishawkins)

Episode 88: Google Translate in the Language Classroom with Errol O’Neill, Part I and Part II (mentioned by Maris @marishawkins)

Episode 42: Choosing Critical Cultural Content over Grammar with Daniel Woolsey (mentioned by Maris @marishawkins and @senoraMThomas and @MmeBlouwolff)

Episode 83: Resources and Research on Teaching Heritage Learners with Maria Carreira (mentioned by Sam @SraFinneseth)

Episode 84: Teachers’ Perspectives on Heritage Language Teaching  (mentioned by Sam @SraFinneseth)

Episode 23: Performance Assessment, Can Dos, and ACTFL resources with Paul Sandrock   (mentioned by @senoraMThomas)

Episode 36: A Departmental Shift to IPA-based Units with Rich Madel (mentioned by @senoraMThomas)

Episode 14: Making the Transition to Authentic Resources and Proficiency with Lisa Shepard (mentioned by @senoraMThomas)

Episode 56: How to Write Comprehensible Texts with Martina Bex (mentioned by @senoraMThomas)

Episode 75: Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources with Kara Jacobs (mentioned by @senoraMThomas and @IngalaG2)

Episode 93: Teaching for Proficiency with Kara Parker and Megan Smith (mentioned by @senoraMThomas)

Episode 45: Thematic Units and Social Justice with Anneke Oppewal and Jennifer Wooten (mentioned by @senoraMThomas)

Episode 87: A Novice Descriptions Unit with Heather Sherrow (mentioned by @senoraMThomas and @IngalaG2)

Episode 71: Indigenous Language Preservation and Revitalization with Aliana Parker (mentioned by @ClaireLKnowles)

Episode 28: Teaching Vocabulary for Acquisition with Joe Barcroft, Part I and Part II (mentioned by @IngalaG2)

Episode 82: Social Justice and Representation with LJ Randolph (mentioned by @IngalaG2)

Episode 58 (rerun): Principles of Outstanding Language Teaching with Steve Smith

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