In episode 90, Stacey talks with her colleague Kylie Korsnack about some of the concepts they explored in their recent series of workshops on how to promote presence and interaction in the online classroom. Among other topics, Kylie introduces listeners to the community of inquiry framework as a tool for online course design. Whether you are teaching fully online, in a hybrid/blended format, or face-to-face with some online extension, we hope this episode sparks new ideas for effective online teaching. This is a crossover episode with the podcast Leading Lines. If you want to hear more from Kylie, check out episode 53 here.


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Show Notes

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You can find Kylie on Twitter @kkorsnack and learn more about her work on her Vanderbilt University bio page.

Resources mentioned on the show…

…Learn more about the Community of Inquiry framework here.

…the Leading Lines podcast has over 50 episodes on a range of topics related to educational technology in higher education. Check out a few of the episodes specifically with language teachers! Ep 45 with Ingeborg Walther, Ep 44 with Gabriele Dillmann (another crossover with WTL), and Ep 5 with Bill VanPatten and Lee Forester

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