In episode 124, Stacey interviews Cheyenne Staten, who is studying Spanish and Special Education, and Dr. Julie Glosson, her professor and co-investigator in a recent case study. Stacey met up with Cheyenne and Julie at the recent TFLTA conference (Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association) where they presented on teaching students with disabilities. In this interview, they discuss general principles, practical advice for teachers, as well as their own case study helping learners with disabilities find success in the language classroom.


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Show Notes

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Julie Glosson, Ed.D. has taught in a variety of diverse settings over the course of her teaching career that spans 27 years. She began her experience in a rural high school in West TN with very little training.  Later she served as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Memphis where she earned her MA in Romance Languages. She furthered her career in higher education at Union University where she is not only a Spanish professor, but also serves as the Liaison to the Educator Preparation Program for students seeking teacher licensure in the areas of Spanish, French, and ESL.  She serves on the National Board of Program Directors for CAEP Language Accreditation, as an ACTFL OPI Rater, and as an Advanced Placement Reader for Spanish Language and Culture.  Currently, she is also teaching adjunct at an HBCU where she primarily works with adult learners, she recently implemented an online Spanish course at Union for adult learners, and is also serving as a Supervisory Coach for two ESL student teacher interns in the local schools in Madison County. You can reach out to Julie via email at


Cheyenne Staten is a Senior Spanish & Special Education Major at Union University. You can reach out to Cheyenne at

Cheyenne also provided a copy of their handout from the conference session which has very detailed notes about different skill deficits and how to design effective instruction.f



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