In episode 141, Stacey interviews Dr. Vijay Ramjattan, a scholar of accent, race, and work. Vijay talks about how racialized international teaching assistants communicate in their second language and the listener’s role in comprehensibility. Implications for teaching pronunciation in any language are also discussed. Language teachers who want to take a critical approach to pronunciation instruction will find thought-provoking and useful suggestions.



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Show Notes

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Dr. Vijay Ramjattan  is a recent PhD graduate from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. He has taught English for 10 years and his dissertation looked at the racialization and professionalization of accent with regard to the workplace experiences of international teaching assistants in Ontario, Canada.  You can reach out to Vijay on Twitter @Vijay_Ramjattan.


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Johnson, S.M. (Interviewer/Producer). (2020). We Teach Languages Episode 141: Accent, Race, Work, and Teaching Pronunciation with Vijay Ramjattan [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from



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