In episode 77, Stacey explores how to get the most out of going to a conference about language teaching. WTL volunteers Maris Hawkins, Carolyn Siegel, and Janina Hanson all weigh in with their best advice, as do some past guests. Do you have a conference coming up? Listen to this episode to prepare for the big event and make sure you get the most out of the experience.

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Show Notes

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You can learn more about the WTL team including Stacey, Maris, Carolyn, and Janina on this page., and you can follow us all on Twitter @staceymargarita, @marishawkins, @carolynrsiegel, and @janina_hanson.

Maris mentioned her colleagues her Latin colleagues from Bullis School, and you can follow them on Twitter @EvelynBeckman and @MagisterGreen

Resources mentioned on the show…

…The list of We Teach Languages guests and contributors presenting at ACTFL18 and the Midweek News & Updates with the list of MaFla18 presenters.

ACTFL online convention program

… the blog post Creating your Conference Path by Thomas Sauer

…the blog post So You’re Thinking about Presenting at a Conference by Albert Fernandez

Previous episodes mentioned on the show…

Episode 75: Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources with Kara Jacobs

Episode 72: One Approach to a Content-Based, Upper-Level Course with Elena Morgan and Rachel Frenkil

Episode 70: Advice for New Language Teachers with Albert Fernandez, Bill Denham, and Ying Jin

Episode 67: Pursuing Proficiency with Williamson County Schools, Part II

Episode 51: Developing as a Professional and Presenting at Conferences with Erin Carlson

Episode 31: Blogs, Novels, and Teachers Sharing their Work with Maris Hawkins

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