In episode 138, Stacey interviews Dr. Stephanie Madison, author of the recently published article entitled “Integrated Performance Assessments: A Review of the Literature and Steps to Move Forward”. If you have ever wanted to dig deeper into why IPAs work and how to make them even more practical in your language classroom, this interview and the accompanying open-access article provide a wealth of practical and research-based advice.

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Show Notes

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Dr. Stephanie Madison is currently teaches education courses and taught high school Spanish for 10 years as well as English for children and adults. She completed a PhD in Literacy, Language, and Culture at Clemson University this year. Reach out to Dr. Madison via Twitter @DraStephanie38.

Do not miss Stephanie’s open access article published in Spanish and Portuguese Review:

Stephanie’s ACTFL 2016 Presentation on IPAs:

Read more about Dynamic Assessment…

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