In episode 140, Stacey interviews Angélica Amezcua, a PhD candidate at Arizona State University and the author of a recent paper on how classroom instruction affects heritage language learners’ motivation to maintain their language. Angélica discusses why some language communities in the US have low ethnolinguistic vitality and how state policies create conditions that prevent bilingual students from maintaining their home language. Angélica also shares her research on classroom strategies that heritage language teachers can adopt to promote language maintenance and community connection.

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Show Notes

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Angélica Amezcua is a Ph.D. candidate in Spanish Linguistics at ASU. Her research interests include Spanish heritage language pedagogy, community commonwealth (students’ capital), and critical language awareness. She is a passionate Chicana educator who is committed to making higher education and being bilingual a right and not a privilege. You can reach out to Angélica on Facebook or by email


Don’t miss Angélica’s article in Spanish & Portuguese Review called An Analysis of Spanish Language Maintenance Motivation in a Heritage Learning Classroom.



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