In episode 128, Jiaqian Chen interviews Holland White about her experiences teaching bilingual students in her high school English language arts classroom. Jiaqian and Holland met as graduate students in an English Language Learners program. In this interview, Holland discusses the importance of developing positive, trusting relationships with students and why teachers sometimes struggle to get around harmful parts of the curriculum.

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Show Notes

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Jiaqian Chen is a graduate student majoring in English Language Learners at Vanderbilt University. She has taught English to both children and adults. You can reach out to her by email at




Holland White is currently a PhD student in Teaching, Learning, and Diversity at Vanderbilt University, and formerly an ELA Teacher at Del Valle High School in Austin, TX. Holland taught 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students, many of whom were classified as English learners or as having “Limited English Proficiency.” You can reach out to Holland by email



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Johnson, S.M. (Producer), Chen, J. (Interviewer). (2019). Serving Bilingual Students and Getting around Harmful Parts of the Curriculum with Holland White [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from




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