In episode 98, Ellen Toubman and Ryan Rockaitis discuss the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and ACTFL proficiency guidelines. For teachers who want to know more about how to use the proficiency levels to design instruction that moves students along the proficiency path, this episode is full of big ideas and practical examples you can apply to your own classroom.

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Show Notes

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Ellen Toubman has been teaching Spanish for over 30 years and leading the World Language department in Medfield, Ma since 2008.  She founded her school’s AP Spanish Language program in 2006 and has been an AP reader since 2010. She is MOPI certified and AAPPL rater certified as well.  You can reach out to Ellen by email or on Twitter @EHToubs and you can also check out her district’s world language blog.

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Ryan Rockaitis is a secondary Spanish teacher, the President of the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. He is also a mentor for new teachers through the Golden Apple Foundation of Illinois. If you want to reach out, you can find Ryan on Twitter @TeachArriba or reach out by email.

Resources related to this episode…

…the ACTFL proficiency guidelines

…have a look at these rated speaking samples and rated writing samples available on the ACTFL website!

Languages in the workplace poster 

More information about ACTFL’s upcoming proficiency workshops 

…previous guest Martina Bex (episode 56) recently wrote this post about doing a mock OPI as a participant!

…and quite a few past guests have had conversations about the OPI on Twitter including Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell (episode 53) and Kelly Ferguson (episode 80).




3 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 98: OPI, the Proficiency Levels, and Expectations for Student Performance with Ellen Toubman and Ryan Rockaitis

  1. Excellent podcast. I learned a lot and am taking OPI training in June and looking forward to it

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