In episode 151, Stacey interviews Dr. Julio Torres about TBLT (Task Based Language Teaching), a methodology that centers communicative tasks as the organizing feature of instruction. Julio discusses how TBLT might work in any language classroom but especially with heritage language learners. If you are curious about what TBLT looks like in the classroom or how to better support your heritage learners, tune in for this discussion with a TBLT instructor, curriculum leader, and researcher.


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Show Notes

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If you want more from Dr. Torres, check out this talk he did at the Cornell LRC or his page where you can find more of his research.

Julio Torres is an Associate Professor of Spanish in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese with courtesy appointments in the School of Education and Language Science at the University of California, Irvine. He is also the director of the Spanish Language Program and minor in Spanish/English bilingual education. His research focuses on heritage/second language acquisition, multilingualism, cognition, and task-based language learning. He is the co-editor of the volume, ‘Aproximaciones al estudio del español como lengua de herencia’ with Routledge Press.



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Johnson, S.M. (Producer/Interviewer). (2022, October 7). Task Based Language Teaching and Heritage Learners with Julio Torres (No. 151) [Audio podcast episode]. In We Teach Languages.



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