Sometimes older episodes of the podcast make a comeback. In the case of Walter Hopkins and episode 32, there is no doubt that the sudden surge in folks checking out this episode is because he, Angelika Kramer, and Bill VanPatten just launched the newest incarnation of their call-in podcast, now called Talkin’L2. However, if you want to hear Walter all by himself, you can find him right here on We Teach Languages (and it’s a genuinely great interview). Episode Guide #32 is a printable PD (one page, both sides) that will help you think deeply about the episode, and will encourage you to share your ideas with the rest of the language teacher community. We hope you find it useful!

Find the free, printable PDF of version of our latest Episode Guide with hyperlinks to resources here: 32 Ep Guide

Listen to the original episode here: Episode 32: Reflective, Principled, Proficiency-Oriented Teaching with Walter Hopkins

Here is a preview without hyperlinks:


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