In episode 146, Thomas Sauer leads a panel discussion with four language educators, Marta Silva, Georges Chahwan, Natalie Stamper, and Elizabeth Matchett, as part of the monthly virtual teacher panel from the NFLC (National Foreign Language Center). Each month, this series gathers a different group of experienced teachers via video conference to discuss a domain of the TELL (Teaching Effectiveness for Language Learning) framework. We Teach Languages has partnered with NFLC to disseminate these panel discussions in audio format as well. In this episode, the panel considers questions such as: How do you create positive relationship with students in online and hybrid environments? How can teachers collaborate with students to create a safe environment? How do we focus on language performance under the constraints of an online/hybrid format? What is the role of intercultural thinking in language learning?


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Show Notes

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Marta Silva-Serrano teaches Spanish as Heritage Language in Olathe, KS. She has been teaching for 20 years, and is currently a doctoral candidate working on a dissertation on Spanish teachers’ perspectives of HL students in their mixed-classrooms and how these perspectives inform their practices. She is passionate about developing culturally sustaining heritage courses and amplifying translanguaging at all levels and across curricular areas so that our multicultural/multilingual student population finds safe spaces to share complex perspectives. You can follow Marta on Twitter @MSilvaSerrano.





Georges Chahwan is Language Department Head at Choate Rosemary Hall where he teaches French and Arabi to grades 10, 11, and 12. He has been teaching since 2004 and currently serves as the Chair of the ACTFL Arabic Special Interest Group (SIG), the Co-Leader of the New York Arabic Teachers’ Council, as well as on the Board of the North East Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL), and on the Qatar Foundation International (QFI) Arabic Honor Society Advisory Council. You can reach out to Georges by email.





Natalie Stamper teachers 1st and 2nd year French courses at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She has been teaching for 20 years, and her students have included all ages from pre-schoolers to retirees. You can reach out to Natalie by email.






Elizabeth Matchett is a Spanish teacher and World Language Instructional Leader at Henry M. Gunn HS in Palo Alto CA.  She is a National Board Certified Teacher who has been teaching since 1998. You can reach out to Liz by email.




If you would like to watch the original video broadcast of this panel discussion, you can find it on YouTube.

If you want to cite this episode, our suggested APA reference is:

Sauer, T. (Interviewer), Johnson, S.M. (Producer). (2021, January 23). NFLC Panel on the TELL Environment Domain with Marta Silva, Georges Chahwan, Natalie Stamper, and Elizabeth Matchett (No. 146) [Audio podcast]. We Teach Languages.


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