In episode 66, we share a conversation between Stacey and seven members of the Williamson County Schools world languages curriculum writing team, teachers Amanda Baker, Robert Collard, Chelsea Graves, Nicole Hernandez, Brian Rentfro, and Rebecca Roa, and district supervisor Christi Gilliland. Representing three different languages, this group of colleagues has been meeting for the last three summers to write a new curriculum that moves their students toward proficiency. In this interview, the teachers report on the success of the new curriculum, and talk about their external assessments, which show remarkable student gains.

This week’s episode is part I of the interview. In part II next week, the team discusses how their teaching has changed and what a proficiency-oriented classroom looks like.

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Show Notes

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You can find the Williamson County School World Languages department on Twitter @wcsCOcg

If you are interested in seeing the curriculum that the writing team has developed, piloted, and implemented, those documents are available here for level 1: Williamson County Schools Level 1 World Language Curriculum, and here for level 2: Williamson County Schools Level 2 World Language Curriculum

Some resources mentioned in the episode…

AAPPL exam

ACTFL proficiency guidelines

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