In episode 152, Stacey interviews Dr. Doran Katz from the Middlebury School of Hebrew. Dr. Katz talks about the work she does in teacher preparation, some of the myths that many people have about second language acquisition, and how metacognitive strategies can help our language students learn.

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Show Notes

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Dr. Doran “Dodie” Katz currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Pedagogy and Applied Linguistics at the Middlebury School of Hebrew, Middlebury Language Schools. Dr. Katz received her Doctorate in Education at George Washington University. Her dissertation research focused on the teaching of the Holocaust and how it is studied within racially diverse high school populations. She holds an MA from Brandeis University in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and a BA from Brandeis University in Anthropology, Hebrew Language and Literature, and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. Dr. Katz is passionate about using her ability to teach, lead, and connect in a way, which can empower others in positions of influence to create opportunities for dialogue, engagement, and self-actualization. Dodie’s belief in the positive power of human connection has been inspired, in part, by her years as a language learner which has created powerful and enduring relationships across culture, geography, and race.

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