by Maris Hawkins

This year, Stacey and I are participating in the NFLC virtual summit.  It starts tomorrow, and you can still sign up for FREE here.  We are discussing how you can use podcasts for your own professional development and how you can reflect on the episodes that you hear.

Since we are over 140 episodes, it can be overwhelming to join the podcast now.  You may be wondering where to start.  Below, we are linking some of the episodes that we specially mention in the virtual summit that would be a great place to start or to listen to again if you have already heard them!

Stacey mentioned that she organizes her professional development around the experiential learning cycle which she described in more depth in Episode 133: Organizing our Instruction and the Experiential Learning Cycle

Research-based pedagogy:

To learn what is working in other classrooms:

To learn about language programs in other contexts:

Episodes to listen to as a department:

Contributor episodes and interviews:

Consider contributing the podcast yourself reacting to episodes, discussing them online, writing blog posts, volunteering behind the scenes, or even interviewing your favorite language teachers! Learn more here: Contribute to the podcast!

And as always, we appreciate feedback through Twitter @weteachlang, on the website or on Facebook.

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