In episode 93, Rebecca Blouwolff interviews the Creative Language Class masterminds, Kara Parker and Megan Smith. Rebecca asks Kara and Megan about trends among teachers trying to move towards proficiency, about how to get a diverse department on the same page, and why you might want to get feedback on your teaching among other topics!

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Show Notes

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Rebecca Blouwolff is a teacher of French at Wellesley Middle School who was previously on the podcast on episode 47 with Tim Eagan. You can reach out to Rebecca on her website, on Twitter @MmeBlouwolff, or by email.

Kara Parker & Megan Smith are the bloggers behind Creative Language Class. You can find out more about the curriculum they have developed at Kara was previously on the podcast on episode 41 about vocab lists! You can reach out to them on Twitter @clc_teachers or by email.


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5 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 93: Teaching for Proficiency with Kara Parker and Megan Smith

  1. Thank you for your words of wisdom about being a change agent. I like the idea of starting with a revision of assessments. We are working toward implementing proficiency-oriented instruction at the post-secondary level, which is challenging for instructors who have been using grammar-based instruction for many years.I’m encouraged by your comment that one or two tools/teaching techniques can be the key to change.

  2. This episode leaves WL teachers with such encouragement… in moving forward with teaching with proficiency… One of many takeaways is to respect/lift up one another, our colleagues, wherever they are in their journey… ultimately we all aim to do the best we can for Ss… thank you to the dynamic duo of Kara & Megan who exude such wisdom, support & generosity & to Rebecca, who always keeps it real while continuing to inspire. Another great episode! Thank you!

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