In episode 45, Stacey talks with Anneke Oppewal, a middle school teacher in North Carolina, and Jennifer Wooten, a college instructor in Florida, about how they have transformed units on food and housing by focusing on questions accessible to novice and intermediate students. Anneke and Jen share specific examples from their own teaching–lessons and units they have built over time through collaboration and experimentation.



Show Notes

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Both Jen and Anneke expressed that they would love to hear from listeners and possibly even collaborate with others doing similar work. You can email Jennifer Wooten here. You can email Anneke here or follow her on Twitter @an_oppewal


…Anneke’s mini-unit on La Cosecha

EdPuzzle, a tool mentioned by Anneke that lets you turn videos into interactive quizzes

…Jen, Anneke, and a colleague’s ACTFL 2016 presentation on social justice that touches on many of the same issues discussed in this episode

…Jen, Anneke, and two colleagues’ ACTFL 2017 presentation on social justice that touches on many of the same themes as this episode.

…the book Anneke mentioned by Maria Souto-Manning with a forward by Sonia Nieto Multicultural Teaching in the Early Childhood Classroom.

…Terry ‘Osborn’s book Teaching World Languages for Social Justice.

Words and Actions: Teaching World Languages Through the Lens of Social Justice

ACTFL’s Critical and Social Justice Approaches SIG

Past episodes mentioned…

…check out ep 43 with Ryuko Kubota

…and ep 44 with Terry Osborn

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