In episode 13 of We Teach Languages, Stacey asks Noah about his experience as the 2013 ACTFL Teacher of the Year. Noah also shares resources and ideas for two of his favorite topics in language education: culture and technology.

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Show Notes

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Scholars and resources mentioned on the show:

You can find Noah Geisel online…

…on Twitter @SenorG

…on Medium @SenorG

… by text or voicemail (740) 4se-norG

Here’s the official announcement of Noah’s 2013 Teacher of the Year honor

Noah also mentioned a few language teachers who put their work out for people to see…

…Senora Sexton’s blog

Resources Noah mentioned…

…Noah’s own artistas en espanol list

…hashtag on Twitter #autres

…Noah’s Google doc of culture activities


…weekly chat on Twitter #badgechat

…Recent conference Noah organized #badgesummit

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