In episode 47, Rebecca Blouwolff and Tim Eagan talk about their work together in a Massachusetts language department, Rebecca as a middle school French teacher and Tim and as the department chair. They talk about continuing professional development for language teachers from both the teacher and the administrator perspective. Teachers, coordinators, and administrators will all want to listen to this conversation between peers about the work they love.



Show Notes

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Resources and people mentioned on the show…

…the book The Keys to Planning for Learning by Laura Terrill

…Lisa Shepard’s blog Madame’s Musings

…Helena Curtain’s website/wiki

Chantal Thompson

#LangChat summaries

MaFLA (The Massachusetts state professional organization)

Greg Duncan on the web

Thomas Sauer on Twitter


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9 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 47: Professional Development and Working Together with Rebecca Blouwolff and Tim Eagan

  1. Such an inspiring conversation, Tim and Rebecca. Loved the energy and passion. Great lift for my day!

  2. Rebecca and Tim-
    Your enthusiasm is contagious! I hear my own journey in your words. I am encouraged to continue to hone my craft, bring culture to my classroom and to enjoy the time spent with my students.
    Rebecca, I appreciate your “active” style. Your blog always gives me something new to consider. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was my first weteachlang listen. You guys hooked me on this podcast and I have been listening ever since. Looks like it was about a year ago. It’s great to have such awesome colleague right in my own backyard!

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