The interview featured in episode 72 is a is a submission by Carolyn Siegel who was, until recently, the chair of the Gann Academy language department where Elena Morgan and Rachel Frenkil teach. Carolyn interviewed her colleagues about how the three of them worked together to design and implement a content-based course that speaks to the religious and cultural traditions of their faith-based independent school, and also makes strong connections to the history, culture, and political landscape of the Spanish-speaking world. If you are working on creating compelling upper-level courses that encourage critical thinking and language acquisition, this is a must-listen episode.

Carolyn is also a volunteer with We Teach Languages and creates resources to accompany podcast episodes. In that role, she has also put together an excellent episode guide that you can view as a PDF or print off to take notes as you listen.

Find the free, printable PDF of version of our latest Episode Guide with hyperlinks to resources here: Episode Guide #72

Listen to the original episode here: Episode 72: One Approach to a Content-Based, Upper-Level Course with Elena Morgan and Rachel Frenkil

Here is a preview of the episode guide without hyperlinks:


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