Back in September we announced a giveaway through ACTFL (the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages) to win either Leslie Grahn’s book co-authored with Dave McAlpine The Keys to Strategies for Language Instruction (ACTFL, 2017) OR a seat for her VLM (Virtual Learning Module) Engaging All Learners.

Our two winners submitted their questions and takeaways on social media and were drawn at random:

The winner of the book is Sara Tilleman!

winner 1


The winner of the VLM (Virtual Learning Module) is Manda Clancy!

winner 2


Congratulations to the recipients of these great resources, and many thanks to ACTFL for connecting the podcast with Leslie and providing the book and VLM for our listeners.

If you are thinking about picking up this book for your own use, here’s a ringing endorsement from one of our podcast listeners on twitter, Megan Budke:



blurb 69a




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