Have you ever thought that a friend or colleague would make a great guest for an episode of We Teach Languages? Why not interview them, and submit the recording to appear on the show?

Have you ever had a great conversation about language teaching with a colleague and wished you could record and share? You should! And we hope you submit it to We Teach Languages as a guest contribution.

We accept contributions from language teachers, language students, as well as teacher candidates on their way to becoming language teachers. Use this WTL contributor guide, and reach out if you have any questions using our contact form, as a comment on this post, or via text message at (629) 888-3398.

Looking back over our first 13 episodes…

…11 are in an interview format

…of the 11 interviews, 3 (Ep 2, Ep 4, and Ep 7) were not conducted by Stacey, but rather by guest contributors

…another episode (Ep 5) was a recorded conversation between colleagues, not strictly an interview

If you have questions or ideas about being a guest contributor, we hope you reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!


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