In episode 53, Diego Ojeda and Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell, two of the founding moderators of the #langchat Twitter professional development network, invite us into a conversation about how #langchat got started, some of the challenges of engaging professionally across differences, and other topics related to every language teacher’s favorite online chat.

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Show Notes

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Diego Ojeda is a secondary Spanish teacher in Louisville, Kentucky. You can learn more about his work on his webiste or you can reach out on Twitter @diegoojeda66.

Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell wears many hats as a World Languages specialist and the blogger behind You can reach out to her on Twitter @secottrell or Facebook.

Resources from the show…

#langchat weekly Twitter chat

… #langchat wiki

… #langchat summaries

Calico Spanish (Sara-Elizabeth mentioned she works here!)

…Diego’s new chat for Spanish teachers #charlaele1



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5 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 53: #langchat Stories with Diego Ojeda and Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell

  1. As one of the early #langchat moderators, I want to echo everything my wonderful friends and colleagues, Diego and Sara Elizabeth, have said about the chat! I couldn’t have added anything of substance to what they have already said, so all I will do is give a shout out to you both, and say to the rest of us, join the chat and share your ideas. You will grow as a teacher and feel reinvigorated for participating! Besides, it’s fun, too. This is dr_dmd, Don, Monsieur PBLL saying well done to Diego & Sara Elizabeth!

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